Popular Literature Today

Cycling as a raw material and impaired akademizirovannye simulacra of genuine culture, kitsch – all in the cultivation of this insensitivity. She – a source of profits kitsch. Kitsch mechanistic and operates by formulas. Kitsch – This submenu experience and fake feelings. Kitsch changes in their style should be, but it always remains equal to itself. Kitsch – the embodiment of all that hypocrisy, that is, in modern life. Kitsch does not seem to require its customers nothing but money; it does not require its customers even time.

A prerequisite for the existence of kitsch, a condition without which kitsch would not have been possible, the availability of cash is completely mature cultural tradition, discoveries, and newfound self-awareness which kitsch uses for its own purposes. Kitsch borrows from this cultural tradition, techniques, tricks, tweaks, the basic rules, themes, transforms it all into some kind of a system, and discards the rest. We can say that the kitsch takes its blood from the reservoir of experience. Indeed, this is what they mean when they say that mass art and popular literature today, sometime in the past have been boldly, esoteric art and literature. Of course, this is not so. It is understood that after a sufficiently long time, undergoes a new plunder: therefrom pulled new “splints” which is then diluted and supplied as kitsch. Self-evident, through kitsch akademichen; and, on the contrary, all the academic is kitsch. For what is called the academic as such no longer has an independent existence, transformed into starched shirtfront to kitsch. Industrial production methods replacing craft.

As kitsch can be done mechanically, it became an integral part of our production system, which with authentic culture, with rare exceptions, can not occur. Kitsch capitalizes huge investments which should bring commensurate profits; he also has to grow in order to maintain their markets. Although kitsch, in essence, the seller himself, however, a huge marketing machine set up for him, the existence of which puts pressure on every member of society. Traps are placed, even in those parts, which, so to speak, represented a genuine culture of reserves. Today, the country such as ours is not enough to have a predisposition to this culture; you need to feed her genuine passion, able to give strength to the counterfeiting confrontation around us and pressing on us from the moment the tender age we picked up illustrated books. Kitsch is misleading. He has a lot of different levels, and some of these levels are high enough to be dangerous to the naive seeker of true light. Magazine like “New Yorker” ‘a – and he is basically the essence of high kitsch of trade in luxury goods – implements and dilutes a huge number of avant-garde material. One should not think that any example of kitsch completely devoid of any value. From time to time it produces kitsch something worthy, something that has an authentic aroma of nationality; and these accidental and isolated specimens introduced malovzyskatelnyh misleading.